Change in user behavior for Amazon and Flipkart (Q1 '16 to Q1 '17)

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Minutes per active users may be a concern for Flipkart as its measurement has decreased 42.6% from Q1 '16 to Q1 '17 compared to an increase of 14.9% for Amazon over the same comparative time frame. In absolute minutes, Amazon users are spending 7.6 more minutes on the platform than on the Flipkart platform as of the week ending March 4, 2017 (18.48 vs 10.86) suggesting the breath of Amazon e-commerce offerings and know-how to replicate its successful model is a strong barrier to surmount even for domestic incumbents.

Last updated: 2 years ago

Data: 7Park Data

Last updated: 2 years ago  |  Data: 7Park Data

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